Have ever tried to get someone out your head?

I met this guy over this past weekend at the bar. I was to drunk to drive home so I ended up walking back to his place with him. He first asked me for my number before we even decided to go too. We held hands the whole entire way and we talked the whole entire time. When we finally got back to his place we sat in his kitchen and talked even more for about 2 hours. He said it felt good talking to me and he has never opened up to someone like that. We drank water and finally I was tired and ready for bed. We talked more and eventually we started making out. We didn't have sex because I said it wouldn't feel right doing that. So he just held me in his arms until we fell asleep. I woke up in that same position. I even tried moving over but he then brought me closer. It was weird I never experienced anything like that. He called me the next night, but he was drunk. We texted the next day for a bit and now I can't get him out my head. I just find myself hoping to run into on campus or something. Have you ever felt like you had an immediate connection with someone? Or was it the alcohol talking for both of us?
Have ever tried to get someone out your head?
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