Was she just trying to have fun or too nervous to tell me her feelings?

I used to work with a girl that would joke with me a lot and a lot of non sexual flirting also, she is a very outgoing person and is very friendly with guys so anyways here's the story

I gave her a ride home one time and we sang and laughed and joked in the car the whole ride, so about a week later she said how much fun she had and she said the next time she needs a drive she would love to get me to drive her, so i made a joke and said so you want me to take you home? In kind of a flirty sexy voice and she right away said yes but got flustered and said yes er uh no right quick like i caught her off gaurd, so i took it sorta as interest by her blushing flustered reaction and later that night i said something along the lines of next time i give you a drive you will have to give me your phone number in exchange, but she said no and that i was being "creepy" which i thought was extreme any way you spin it, so i took it as a no and went on with my life. About a week later she started being very touchy feely and giving me pet names etc but around this time i left the job, but ever since then when i see her at bars etc she flips out when she sees me hugging my arm/chest and using the same nickname. I am not sure i am even interested in her other than to have sex with her at this point because of how childish it all is but i can't help but wonder if im just not with the times on this one and maybe a girl can chime in on what they think is going on. She also had a friend who was in a relationship that was very flirty touchy feely sitting on my lap and shit so I don't know maybe it was some kind of game because i was shy and maybe a bit awkward at the time?
Was she just trying to have fun or too nervous to tell me her feelings?
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