Shy girls please help is she shy or not interested?

This woman used to look at me and when i look she would look away or keep looking , i spent with her simetime at work she was friendly but when im close she doesn't look my eyes for long time , but when i asked her few questions about herself she answered me and gave me advices too since she is empolyee and im trainee , then we started to say hi she say hi first and say how are you sometimes she look at me and smile while she is saying it and other times she just look down when im close , then i left for six months when i came back as empolyee she saw me she smiled and said hey how are you and looked down , then i saw ger across the hallway i smiled she smiled back today i saw her while im leaving i smiled and said hey she was in her phone i said hey she looked up smiling then she kept looking at her phone and said hey how are you? I said im fine and you , i stood there waiting for her answer she kept smiling and not looking and said im good , i really want to know why she is doing that os she shy or doesn't want me? If she is shy ho can i talk to her if she doesn't look at me?
Shy girls please help is she shy or not interested?
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