What does her behaviors mean?

This woman came to my department because to finish some papers because she was new , i looked at her she didn't look but she got so nervous and hit the wall , later i was walking in the hallways i saw her i looked at her she smiled , later she smiled at a guy the same smile they told its her bf , anyway she kept looking at me when she is alone , without my crush which is her friend and without her bf , one day she was walking with my crush and talked about my shoes then when she was alone o came close to buy coffee her lunch fell from her hand and git nervous later i left the work for months , one day i was hanging out suddenly my friend said to me that a woman is staring at me , when i looked at her it was the same girl she was smiling at her friend when she saw me she closed her mouth and ignored everybody and stared deeply at my eyes i tild my friend something about her lips im not sure if she heard me later after few months i was walking suddenly saw her she looked at me a serious look , whats going in with her?
What does her behaviors mean?
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