Guy playfully toughes me daily?

We're both in the same class and sometimes we have after school practices but almost every single day this guy, we'll just say his name is Josh will playfully touch me somehow. One time he tapped both of my cheeks at the same time quickly after saying a joke. Another time he tapped my head when he walked by, he playfully poked me in the face, and today he jokingly kicked me gently but it was kind of close to my butt but not quite there. He also teases me but not mean at all. I tease him back.
He also is always making jokes and having fun, one time he asked me if I want him to stop joking, of course I said no and I told him that he makes the class more fun. He has also said hi to me in the hallway.
But I think he has a girlfriend, but that was 2 months ago. I think that mayb he likes me but I'm not sure.
Guy playfully toughes me daily?
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