Is there a chance she probably likes me even after all this?

So I'm friends with this girl and I hang out with her and her circle of friends. It would always be on and off with her in the past so I'm not sure about this one.

So it started with class. She'd always glance over at me, whether is be quick glances or long ones and she'd stop at my desk to make small talk.

Later that week we had a free period in that class and she was sitting with her friends and I was sitting with mine. She kept looking at me. Then when I went to sit with her and her friends at lunch she seemed really tired. She got annoyed at me real easily though that day so I figured she was either mad at me or just tired. But she'd talk to me about other topics that seemed to make her seem happier.

I then sent her a message apologizing for saying a certain thing that I figured she might've taken offense to. And she just asked me why I always say sorry to stuff.

Then things were kind of awkward the next day. She'd be ignoring me whenever we walk past each other. Then when I hung out with her and her friends at lunch it was almost like I wasn't there. Unless I was talking to one of her friends. After a bit she just sort of looked at me and waved like she'd do. After I told her how I usually apologize to a lot of other people it's a habit, she would then go back to being friendly and just started making small talk with me again.

What do you think?
Is there a chance she probably likes me even after all this?
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