Is it okay to tell a guy you like him?

Why is it that in the past when I tell a guy that I like him and the feel the same. They seem to back away? (Most people rate me like a 8.5 out of 10) but are you not suppose to do that? I'm just wondering just so I don't mess up in the future?
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+1 y
True, but I'm kinda a perfectionist and I make sure I look good usually. and I don't wanna post a pic on this website bc I feel like it would be creepy since i don't know anyone on this website. But I have long hair long eye lashes, always dress cute, full lips, straight teeth, good eyebrows, and I'm short and slightly thick. and I'm a ballerina/ dancer :)
+1 y
But thanks for the help :)
Is it okay to tell a guy you like him?
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