Pathetic or not?

Hi All, I've been spending more and more time with this girl I like, she's goin out with a few work friends tomorrow. A few weeks ago she said i was welcome to join them. At the time I didn't say yes or no even though I wanted to go (doh!).

I have been trying to get bring the subject up again so maybe she asks if i was coming or not but she hasn't :(.

I saw her today and still fialed to ask her (i know i suck) so I've been thinking of sending her a message saying if the offers still there id like to join them. Do you think this is ok? Or am I gonna look kinda pathetic and needy? Thanks
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Thanks for the input, I asked her and she said yes :) seemed pretty happy. So i was worrying about nothbing :)
Pathetic or not?
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