Girl at work is naturally flirty?

She is pretty cute, but has a smoking hot body. She is naturally flirty and talks to pretty much everyone. I sit back in a section with two other guys and when she first started she would always come back and ask them question not me, or ask them for help but not really me. I gave her a hard time about it one time, and she came back and asked me (they were gone) and she says "see I came to you first! But you would have been my second choice if they were here lol" She like had a hard time looking at me or something. She acts nervous and fidgety around me like grabs her pony tail and slowly move it off her neck, or she will twirl her necklace. It's like I always have to stop by her desk to talk. She'll like push her chest out and arch her back kind of thing, but then I'll look down at her boob, and she'll like cover them up. lol.

Lately she has been stopping me when I pass her desk to talk with me and will remind me about things we have talked about. I think she wants to be friends for sure. I asked how old she was then she asked how old I was.

So when she first started she would sit next to me at most events. at an all day meeting I could tell she wanted me to sit next to her. She sat fairly close and kept bumping my leg under the table or my foot, and wouldn't say sorry or anything. Then at a group lunch I sat on the very end and she followed me down there and sat across from me, even though there were free seats at the other end. Then she bumped me again under the table. Then in line to pay she kept bumping into me when I was turned around.

I think she likes me but yesterday a buddy of mine who's older and goes and talks to her all the time (he sits behind me) she comes over and asks him for help and he says "he where you been all day? No call no nothing" he was joking, she says "whatever you didn't even stop by my desk" He says well our boss gets mad when I talk to you" and she's says "what? that's awkward for me"

Whats her deal?
Girl at work is naturally flirty?
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