Girls why does she act like this for real?

This girl at work has and I have been back and forth up and down for like two years. She has a serious boyfriend but it's weird between her and I. Long story short I ignore her because I like her and know that nothing is going to happen. I just don't really stop by and chat with her like I used to. She's pretty shy so I always have to initiate the conversation. Back when we used to talk she would put herself around me or bump into me and then we'd talk, but she like won't come over to me and talk.

Anyways I haven't talked to her in a few weeks, really. I pretty much chat with everyone else, but I don't really feel like making an effort with her. But, I'lll bump into her or see her walking by and she'll like make eye contact or check to see that I see her. Sometimes she'll pretend like it's not a big deal and act like she's really busy or something.
Girls why does she act like this for real?
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