Does He Like Me? I Am Confused, Please Help?

There's a guy I like in my class and we're kind of close. He's kind to everyone, but my classmates say that he's specially kind to me. Like he's only close to me.

His big brother was my senior, and he told me that he (my friend) has never cared about any girls. My friends also told me that he's never talked to them like for reals before we're close.

My friends told me that there are hints that he likes me back.. Even my Dad has ever seen him once and told me that he likes me but he's afraid to confess.

I'm planning to confess soon but I'm afraid he only thinks of me as a friend, and avoided me after that.

I don't want to lose my close friend. It doesn't matter if he doesn't like me.

Does he like me? Should I confess?
Does He Like Me? I Am Confused, Please Help?
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