What can this mean? Time to give up?

Hey Folks,
Pretty sure I know the answer to this but hoping someone see's something I dont.

I like this girl at work. We have been seeing each other more and more and having fun. Im pretty shy so it takes me a while to relax and be myself with people but im finally getting there with her. She's been asking me to do stuff with her more ofter and been kinda flirty so I really felt she liked me too and we were possibly on the verge of starting something. Lately she has been spending as much time with me as her closest friends (maybe more)

However I spent the day with her and another work friend on Sunday and she just kept saying stuff that were like knives to my heart :(

Throughout the day she said the following things among a few others (these are the ones that gave me the biggest alram bells).

Not specifically to me, just general relationship conversation:-
"Im happy being single"
"I wouldn't date someone from work"

Directed to me:-
"Do you go dating?"
"Are you gay?"

That last one was a real shocker for me! I did pull her up on this later and asked how she of all people didn't know the answer to that. She said she didn't know cause i never talked about girls. Today she joked about it but I was a bit sulky (childish i know) so she got annoyed with me but apologised later.

Is it wishful thinking that this was some sort of test? Or is this her way of saying im not interested (would have thought she would be avoiding me if it was this)? Or do you think she really has no clue i like her?

Sorry for the massive question but I'd really appreciate everyones opinions and even suggestions on what I should do next.
What can this mean? Time to give up?
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