How to tell if your friend who's a girl has feelings for you?

I've been hit on by so many women in my life, like I mean literally girls always fall for me so last year my cousin brings his gf to meet me, we hit it off really well even though she takes awhile to get to know, the last 2 months I feel like she's got a crush on me because of stuff like she called me the otherday her wwords "I just wanted to see you or hear your voice" constantly telling me she loves me, I was washing her hair (after coloring it for her) and she was like " aww this feels so good mmm", I had a date and met up with her afterwards so I said "oh hey sorry for being all dressy it was for a date" she replies " oh I thought maybe you wanted to look nice for me" I just laughed and said "oh yeah totally..." , she kinda gets jealous when I chill with my other friend (also a girl) even suggested my other friend has feelings for me, introduced her to a guy i was seeing and she would get upset when we would kiss & kept wanting me to sit next to her, she hates to be touched but loves hugging me? anyways despite all the weirdness & the fact I'm not gay , does she have feelings for me? Because I would give it a shot if she did, she's pretty, interesting, weird, nerdy & totally crazy but also 100 % genuine... also I know its fuckedup because she's dating my cousin but he's a shady ass mfkn hustler who's cheating on her anyways >_<
How to tell if your friend who's a girl has feelings for you?
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