I talk too loud and does that scare away shy girs?

Okay, Im 18 and a senior boy in high school. This beautiful girl is a junior who had transferred here last August. She's constantly shy around everyone which makes me more attracted to her because I want to make her feel welcome here though its been 7 months but she still acts the same. Getting to the point though, my voice is quite loud than the average joe. Many say I'm screaming but I dont know that because thats how i normally talk. When Im sitting right next to her in class (I only see her in one class), she doesn't mind or act like she's scared when I'm talking. People will tell me lower your voice but Im born with it. Sadly though, everyone likes my voice though as well as the teacher does (Im not kidding, she laughs at it). But just wondering, will my voice turn down my chances of being her boyfriend or will it not? I want her but its seriously hard for me to detect if I'm talking loud and everyone has named me "Sarge" because of my high n' tight and loud voice. What do you guys think i should do?
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When I do talk, I'm not yelling like the type of yelling like someone would do if there was a fire. My voice is just a bit higher in tone, not high pitch but that "higher" voice that can be heard 10 feet away. When I do talk normally, it ain't bad and people dont mind it espically when I sit right next to them. It's just a little higher tone than everyone elses. I dont hit the rictor scale but i'm no mouse talker more like (excuse my history look back) but like Hitler when he would give speeches
I talk too loud and does that scare away shy girs?
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