Flirting or no?

I go to Taco Bell a lot and the cute guy there sees me - he sees me with various groups of loud people and there was an embarrassing situation for which I apologized and he was like nah you're fine - anyway he seemed nervous last time I was in there and his face was all still and he was looking into my eyes as he took my order. Tonight he came out and was like "hey how's it going!" And smiled big and when I ordered he was like "and - I still don't know your name" in this sort of... breathy tone. (They ask names for orders but the way he said it) - I told him and he was like "I mean - you come in here a lot..."

I thought it was flirting but would like second opinions? I am terrible at flirting.
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The situation was that my friends were being stupid and thought he looked like a movie star and tried to sneakily take a photo and he almost caught them and later when I apologized he was all friendly and smiley and like "oh no you're fine I was just worried that they'd get in trouble because photos of (?) are illegal" - "yeah people have told me before that I look like him, I would've posed for you guys" and laughed.
Flirting or no?
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