Should I just assume this guy won't speak to me again?

I was seeing this guy for about 3 months total. He would ask to see me most weekends and on the second day of knowing him, he introduced me to his friends and family. We would talk every day, joking around etc. When we caught up, we would talk about anything and he would show public affection (holding my hand). He would make sure I got home safe. I am moving away overseas and he said he would visit me. We kept texting and he seemed distant from me once I went to Italy for a holiday about a month ago although he would text me saying he missed me etc but was blunt. I assumed everything had fizzled out and I got in contact with another guy and then he asked me out so now I have a boyfriend. I didn't bring it up to the guy I was seeing until about a week ago, and he told me he wouldn't mind living with me in the future (the guy I was seeing). I told him and he asked if we could remain friends. I said yes and I brought up about us catching up again possibly and he said yes but haven't heard anything which was a week ago.
Should I just assume this guy won't speak to me again?
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