What does it mean when she ignores your text messages?

I bought a second cellphone just to make sure I can receive all her text messages, I take that cellphone with me everywhere and would check it 1000 times a day for any texts from her, I send her everyday but rarely getting replies because she says she is busy. what I know is that she sends texts to her colleagues, family and friends at any time of the day, does that mean that I'm crazy about her and she is not the same with me, as simple as she doesn't feel the "need" to reply to my messages... or is she just playing some kind of games with me, is there something I can test her with to know why she treats me like that, or it's obvious that behavior means you have no respect or caring whatsoever for the person that sends you text messages?

p.s. we have been together for a descent amount of time, but living apart


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  • I would honestly say to chill with the texts..nothing drives women crazier then seeing that you have better things to do with your time..(even if you REALLY dont)

    Start with that..maybe she will be the one texting you soon..

    If not, then to hell with her. You are better off not spending money on an extra cell phone!

    • I do have many better things to do, but I'm afraid if I forgot about her for a while that she is going to start talking more to another guy and get serious with him, she is talking with guys all the time

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