How do I get over a guy?

okay this going to sound really dumb but... how do I get over a guy that I've liked for four years? he basically lead me on and at the time I was too dumb and I fell for it, and I can't exactly get over him. like he even calls me his girlfriend and flirts, hugs, etc. but he knows I've liked him, and people just say that he says that to mess with my mind. but in reality, he's a fuckboy and asks for nudes from other girls and only cares about boobs and ass. but please don't say "just get over him" bc its not as easy as it seems. there is physically no way I can avoid him whatsoever. he's on my swim team and I swim with him in the same lane 6-7 days a week for two hours a day. on tuesdays and Thursday's we go workout at the gym together at like 5 in the morning. and then on top of that, we sometimes hang out on the weekends. and I don't know kfksmflapsfk. I don't know what to do. like in all honesty, I just want to stop liking him but I still get all flirty and gittery around him and I can't stay mad. and is it possible to be in love with someone you've never even had? and you may ask more questions and I'll answer them lol
How do I get over a guy?
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