Did your former crush ever found out your like him/her?

If so how did he/she reacted?

He found out two years later when I was a freshman in HS. Apparently I was dumb enough to confess all my feeling about him to his sister, who was my good friend at the time. Somehow, a couple months later she informs me that he hear it all while we were both at lunch and left.

Next: One day in like January, as I'm hanging around in the library with his sister he apparently stops by to talk to us. Little did I know it would quickly turn into an argument.

How did he react? Not so well. Very immature and he humiliated me. I was already a shy girl (that has been mocked at school 2 years prior and was trying to recover from that). Anger took over me and I already coming up with any insulting words towards him. Apparently he was shocked at seeing me anger and standing up for myself, to which he was telling his sister ''Look what she's saying'' and even she thought it was deserved.
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Afterwards: Weeks later or so he thinks he can fix it by putting the ''I messed up'' expression and trying asking me out but out of pity. Yeah right... like I'm going to forget it all. Inside of me I was like '' hello, you told your sister (who told me the following day) that I was the 3rd ugliest girl at school, even made a disgusted look and I've wasted 2 years thinking nice things about you... you ruin it all.
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Talk about way to ruin someone that likes you. Even if they were truly ugly, at least someone is interested in you. That's better than no one ever hitting on you.

Then he missed when I was use to like him. lol...
Did your former crush ever found out your like him/her?
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