Girl at pharmacy?

I'm 27 and I like this girl at the pharmacy I go to. She's about 23 at least I'd say. She's the pharmacy technician. She helps me about half the time with my medication. I'm not sure how about to approach this. I mean am I going to start talking about my medication? I'd feel weird asking her how often or how I should take it since it's mood stabilizers and antidepressant and anti anxiety. I really don't get embarrassed of being bipolar and stuff. So I wouldn't do that. Of course she is friendly and smiles, but I never assume it means she likes me. its all fast paced too. I try to go during dead times but sometimes its busy. I'm not the best at flirting and asking girls out, but not the worst. This seems pretty tough to tackle. Would it be weird if I say you have a pretty smile? I just feel so strange since it's someone who handles my meds. Need some advice thanks.
Girl at pharmacy?
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