Would you be mad at your guy over this?

So, this chick is completely obsessed with your man. She flirts with him all the time and is a complete attention whore. Actually, she's just a whore in general. He doesn't flirt back, but he doesn't tell her to stop, either. Anyway, they have never messed around before. But! One day, she asks your dude for one of his old shirts. Why? Just because. And he doesn't ask. So, he gives her not one, but two of his old tops. How do you feel about it?

This actually happened to me, FYI. Haha.
It's just a shirt. Who cares?
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Why the hell is she asking MY man for an old shirt?
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Why isn't he telling her to stop?
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I wonder why she wanted one?
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Would you be mad at your guy over this?
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