Should I have late night conversations with a married guy?

Hi friends. This guy happens to be a family friend and his parents wanted us to marry. But my parents said no since i was still studying and so they never asked my opinion (which would have been no too). Anyway we never acknowledge what his parents wanted. So even after his marriage we continued chatting (normal mundane stuff)
Of late he moved to London for his job for a couple of months. Its just that our frequency of chatting has increased since he moved. His wife is back home, as she as her own job. He messages and asks me whether he can call me before carefully making sure my parents or my grandparents are out somewhere. We end up talking, chatting for hours where he tells me about his adventures, ambitions and stuff. Sometimes when i ask him why dont u call ur wife and talk to her for which he says she must be asleep. He keeps on asking me tell me about urself. Ur likes and dislikes. Am sure there is nothing from my side. I just take him as a good friend and nothing more. I would never want to be the cause of any problems between him and his wife. But somehow am not sure of his. Or maybe its just my imagination? Should i stop talking to this guy?
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And when i think of his wife. I feel guilty somehow. I know i won't like it if my husband does the same with me
Should I have late night conversations with a married guy?
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