Why am I jealous of a friend? And how do I stop it?

I've got a coworker who will be referred to as [1]. A few months ago when she started to work there, she had another coworker come up to me. The other one came up to me and said "[1] wants your number". I told her that while I am supremely flattered, I was kind of talking to someone at the moment. Which was true. At the time, I was starting to talk to this girl [2] that I knew for a while. There were difficulties of [2] and I dating because her mom didn't approve. But even so, I was so infatuated by [2] that I couldn't in good conscience not tell my coworker. I'm not a player (never had a girlfriend before) and didn't want to lead [1] on like that. That's not fair. So later that night, I found and spoke with [1] and said I am super flattered (because frankly she is really darn cute) and I've never really had any girls openly flirt with me like that. But I was in fact talking to someone and would love to hang out with [1] as friends. She agreed.

While we never actually saw eachother outisde of work, [1] and I spoke on a regular basis. If [2] wasn't in the picture, would I have wanted to date [1]? Honestly, not really. She was super attractive and really nice to talk to, but we didn't have too too much in common. Anyway, we'd text, snapchat, etc. Talk at work and she is a pretty good friend at work (I work basically in the back of my workplace so I can't socialize too much unfortunately)

Modern day, I'm starting to date [2]. And she is the girl of my dreams. I feel like i could marry her. She is everyhting I could possibly be looking for and more. And now there is a guy at work who recently started kinda hitting on [1]. I was honestly kind of jealous. I don't know why. I shouldn't be. I would pick my [2] over my coworker [1] every single day of the week, without question. Yet I still felt a bit jealous at that. Why the hell am I jealous of a friend? How do I stop it? It's nothing horrendous. Or something detrimental. Just kinda... there.
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Why am I jealous of a friend? And how do I stop it?
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