A Certain Girl I Know May Be Giving Me Signs However. Please Share Your Wisdom I Am A Little Naive :) Thoughts?

First of all thanks for viewing my question i really appreciate it :) So Im in year 10 {started 2 months ago} and ever since the beginning of year 9 a girl that was in my drama class always tried to catch the occasional glance at me. I didn't even know her but she seemed to glance at me a fair bit. If i turned to meet her gaze she wouldn't turn immediately but after 2 or so seconds she'd turn away. Now every class i had there was not one were she wasn't looking at me.

There was even one activity were we had to improvise a scene on the spot. Her and me were both partnered up and the scene was a bf gf situation, and as soon as the que to go was seen. She immediately grabbed my arm and leaned on me without hesitation at all. I know this was drama but she isn't the girl to even touch another male classmate. Have my word, she would be disgusted otherwise.

And still the glances would continue over and over again for the whole year. Then one day i caught her attention and she {this was weird and im sure you will find it too.} she looked at me from a short distance and raised her legs up in the air {not feet just legs} and continued to look at me... rather seductively but ignored and continued on wondering what the hell happened.

Still though that whole YEAR every time she could see me she wouldn't try and not look.

Now she's in my class. O. O and every class we have together, she will find every chance to look at me, but i know its no casual stare. She will examine me and when i look at her, she will look away. But not immediately. But its not just once a class its every 5-10 minutes.

And just 3 days ago she walked behind my chair and 'rubbed' 'brushed' her backside on me twice. Still i am confused on what she's trying to tell me o_O

However she has never said anything to me ever, and she tries to make it, as least obvious as possible when she's her with friends.

I might be the dumbest teen ever but, girls. What is she trying to tell me? Thanks!
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Sorry to sound rather demanding really i am dreadfully sorry but could i get a female to respond if possible? It seems more informative that way, thanks anyway :)
A Certain Girl I Know May Be Giving Me Signs However. Please Share Your Wisdom I Am A Little Naive :) Thoughts?
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