What should I expect at a teen dance/club?

Soon, I am going to be looking to start attending dances/clubs on say Friday nights or so, just to put myself out there more and work on my social skills and confidence in social settings and get out of my comfort zone. Of course, it opens the door to interacting with girls which is great. I have also been feeling really sexually frustrated recently, not necessarily because I need a "release" (masturbation cures that), but because I have never even touched a girl beyond accidental bumps. So I am frustrated in the sense that it'd be great if I could have a chance to experience some "human touch" and physical interaction with girls. See, I haven't really had any luck in high school socially and so my intent for attending these sort of things is to give me some other domains in which I have opportunities. As expected, I'd love to find dates if I can eventually.

However, as this may imply, I am not exactly the most comfortable socially and have zero experience being in a setting like this. I don't know the first thing about dancing (besides grinding). I am probably going to be going alone there.

What should I expect? How should I go about interacting with the girls there?
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What should I expect at a teen dance/club?
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