Should I ask my guy friend out?

We're in middle school. Ok, so I started liking my guy friend that's in my class because I had found out that he liked me because his friend (and my friend also) said that he liked me. All of my friends in my class are trying to get him and me to go out and not one of us has the guts to ask because we're too scared, but I'm willing to take that risk and ask him but I'm not sure. My friends in my class keep on asking him if he wants to go out with me but he keeps saying no, but every time he says no he's always smiling when he says it. I always catch him looking at me in classes and at lunch and he also sits by me at our lunch table. He use to sit at another table where his friends were at but now he sits at my table. The bad thing is that his ex-girlfriend is actually my friend and I know that if I go out with him, she might get mad at me or she might not. But at that time where his ex-girlfriend was going out with him I only saw him as a friend. I don't know if she moved away or not but she did say that she was moving to another school and she hasn't been coming to school lately. My guy friend's friend keep on begging me to ask him out but I really want him to ask me out but I think he can't because he told me that every time he tried to ask a girl out, he just couldn't do it. I'm kind of use to asking a guy out because I asked one out before but he rejected me but we still remained friends. Please, do not say that it's my choice to make the decision because I know it's my choice, I just want to know what y'all think I should do. So, should I ask my guy friend out? Sorry that my age says 18 when I first joined I had put 18 to 20 instead of Under 18 and then I had scrolled down and clicked the join button and I didn't know I had put 18 to 20 and I couldn't change it back. Do not say that I lied about my age because I didn't.
Should I ask my guy friend out?
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