I'm 25 and she just turned 20?

I've had my UPS and DOWNS when it comes to relationships and dating. I usually end up going with the one that behaves like a s***. Recently I met this really nice girl. She's really nice to me, always gives encouraging advice when I'm at my lowest and, what's even way more cute was that she was the first one that gave me her number telling me that whenever I feel bored and need someone to talk to I can call or text her. That wasn't unexpected because several other girls have gave me their numbers but the way this girl came off from the start was just relaxed. In fact, every time I talk to her she's always relaxed. I like her but I feel that she might be a little too inexperienced for what I'm usually exposed too. She just turned 20 this past October and I have a feeling she's never been in a sexual relationship. Should I back off in order to avoid hurting her?
I'm 25 and she just turned 20?
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