Friends or more girls?

I work with this girl. She's very upbeat with me, confident etc. she teases me, makes fun of me, calls me names, likes to talk to me. Calls me by my full name sometimes, she's started calling me 'love' on occasion for some reason. When We look at eachother she looks at me with a big grin on her face, sometimes I talk to her and she randomly starts smiling and laughing? When I've been talking to her, on a few occasions she just randomly comes out with 'awww look at you!' When Im in the middle of talking to her. She seems to think I'm very funny. I was joking about how I'm going to get a Valentine's date, and she was laughing at my story and then told another girl about it. She sometimes also subtly touches me, or brushes against me.
Friends or more girls?
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