Is my college professor trying to get in my pants or am I overinterpreting?

Hey guys!

I'm 22 and this man who is about 50 seems to be coming onto me. He's my college professor and acts pretty youthful. He has a lot of young students, some of them are girls and pretty attractive, and since he's had this job for many years, I assumed his friendly behaviour is just normal. I thought he is trying to create a friendly and "chill" atmosphere with his students.
Now I'm a little confused as to how far such behaviour normally goes. I don't find everything he does in regards to me "normal friendship behaviour", yet I can't really tell anyone because I'm not sure whether I am overinterpreting things or not.

He consistently comes very close to me (almost hovers over me during private lessons), whether he just talks to me or explains something, he hugs me (but not in front of others), compliments me ("beautiful", "charming"), asks whether I am single, touches me "accidently" on my hands, lets his hand linger on my shoulder, giggles and laughs at what I say, smirks, teases me, comments on the things I do, shows signs of nervousness, grooms himself, brags with his intelligence, checks me out and even treats guys who show interest in me badly.
He told me I am near his heart and asks me about my personal life. And once he joked about his wife leaving him.
Generally he seems to try to find some common ground between us, like saying "I also see it that way", "I also do it that way" and such.

I am confused as to whether I am being paranoid or if he is actually going overboard here?
What if he's just the youthful professor guy who enjoys the company of younger people, am I being too sensitive?
From what I can tell, he has friendly relationships with most of his students, but I don't know how far they go because most of the time the lessons are private (I'm a musician and we have private lessons).

What do you think?
Is my college professor trying to get in my pants or am I overinterpreting?
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