How do I talk to this girl I like in my gym class?

So i am a freshman in high school, and there is this girl in fitness class that i really like, and there could be a chance she likes me, here is the thing, i was kinda smiling at her a little (not in that creepy way) and i can sometimes see her looking at me (I am pretty sure not in a bad way too), it might be coincidental or she likes me, and this other time, when i was right by her, she actually said something to me, she said this "I'm really bad at this sport." I know kinda random, but we were doing tennis and i was kinda bad too, but any ways, she actually talked to me, but i don't know if i blew my chance yet, i have been doing Fitness for a month now and haven't said much to her, but i do think she notices, so any advice on what i could say or how to approach her, i am really shy by the way, and never know what to say, but if i have some advice it might give me the guts to do it.
How do I talk to this girl I like in my gym class?
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