What does it mean?

Well , I like him..
I've seen him a year ago.. but we never talked..
he always stares at me and smiles when im around.. I never stared at him or smiled at him because I am pretty scared that he might be not interested in me !
Once.. he avoided me ! Like COMPLETELY avoided me and flirted with another girls..
I don't know why he is doing that? Maybe because I avoided him?
He also stared at me and smiled then he said something to his friend and laughed ! I also don't know why.. are they making fun of me?
When his friend saw me (my crush wasn't there ) he told my crush's brother something that made my crush's brother look at me a lot.. and when my crush's friends see me they just stare and laugh..
also when a girl working with them ( a girl working with my crush and his friends ) sees me she laughs but she laughs when he is not there.. not in front of him.. suddenly his brother noticed that she is ANNOYING me.. he headed to her and told her something.. now whenever she sees me she looks at the ground.. !
Sorry for taking sooo long..
but what does it mean? Does he likes me back? Or making fun of me?
Note : he tried to talk to me twice but I ran away ( I am so shy ) he even creates stupid excuses to talk to me
What does it mean?
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