Don't understand this SHY GUY's behavior?

For awhile I've been sensing that this shy guy is interested in me. I've been trying to connect with him, like when he was going on vacation, I asked if he could get me this product he was knowledgeable about, and I would PAY HIM BACK. I only see him once a week in church. He came back from vacation late December and he has STILL not brought my product to church! He kept telling me every week that he forgot. I don't know what to think. If he is thinking about me, wouldn't he remember to bring my stuff? Forgetting once or twice is understandable, but every week?

And I've considered the fact that maybe he is no longer interested in me. In that case, wouldn't he want to bring my product ASAP, so I can pay him back, and we can both MOVE ON? What's the point of hanging onto my stuff longer than he has to if he's not interested in me? Not to mention if he doesn't bring my stuff, he's not going to collect that $20 CAD that I owe him for buying it. And if he's not interested in me anymore, why would he continue to act shy around me while being talkative to everyone else? And no, I haven't done anything to offend him or act needy. Don't see him often enough to do that. So please enlighten me. Does he have any motive in keeping my stuff or is he just plain forgetful?
Don't understand this SHY GUY's behavior?
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