Is he interested or just bored?

Me and this boy have been texting for almost a month now. Weve known eachother 4 months before we started texting. Recently, our texts have been becoming more personal and way more flirty. After telling him how much I enjoy watching movies, he said "well we better watch a movie soon together then." I replied with a "yes we definitely should" and then he didn't reply. We see less of each other now that our class together has ended, but we often text.

Recently, I just noticed that he usually leaves me hanging. He doesn't say goodnight (not that he has to) or that he has to go, and I often have to initiate the conversation. I feel like he doesn't know how to just keep it comfortably with me since he is an awkward and self kept person. Or maybe he's just playing around with me, I don't know. I just want to know if this means that he's truly in to me or he's just bored.
Is he interested or just bored?
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