Is she going to lose interest if I keep being awkward?

I have had a crush on this girl in my class since last semester and I have tried to flirt with her many times. I think she likes me but our interactions are awkward.

Last week she came up to me before class and just waved and smiled and stood by me. I started talking but she didn't say much then her friend came along and they started talking enthusiastically and I just sort of stood around and commented on a few things.

Today she came into class and sat two desks away from me. So I turned to look at her and she smiled and waved. Then I asked her a question and she gave me a short answer then things were kind of awkward. Then she got up to go to the bathroom and when she came back just talked to the person who had sat down in between us.

Its been like this for weeks. She gets really soft spoken around me and barely says anything. When I talk to her she answers my questions, but doesn't ask me anything and I freeze up and run out of things to say to her. This is actually better though then the first times I tried to talk to her when she would just stare at the floor, blush, and mumble. She acts shy around me but not as much around other people.

I'm worried she's going to lose interest since nothing ever seems to go anywhere when I talk to her and it feels like its been so long.

I'm thinking of planning out lots of things I can say next time I see her since I'm not really shy like she seems to be, but I'm a bit awkward and can't always think of what to say.

Is she going to lose interest if I keep being awkward?
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