Should I not talk to him anymore?

We're in middle school. Ok, so this guy that's my friend (that I kinda like a little) he always be mean to me for no reason sometimes. Like when I don't know the answer to my homework he calls me stupid. He says it in a playful way though but that still offends me when he says that. One time when the teacher was teaching us this lesson she said "Ok, you're going to work with your partner near you" and he was like "Man, I don't want to work with her" and then he said "Do you even know how to do this Ashley?" I'm like "Not really" and he was like "Man, you don't listen, you need to start listening". Then one time he told me to push my book over meanly because I had my book on his desk ( I didn't notice until he told me) and he had pushed my book over. Sometimes he could be nice but he's mostly mean. Then when I ignore him he wants me to start talking to him again. So, what do you guys think? Should I not talk to him anymore? I'm sorry that my age says 18 when I joined I had put 18 to 20 instead of Under 18 then I had clicked the join button and I couldn't change it back. Please don't say that I lied about my age because I didn't.
Should I not talk to him anymore?
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