How does one repair these hurt feelings?

A coworker and I have engaged in months of hot/cold flirting/ignoring. I have grown to feel rather angry about the tension that exists, and I have a really hard time just being friendly with him like other coworkers. I will turn away if I catch him looking my way, and he often does a similar thing. We are both very talkative with the other people around us but often not talking with those same people when the other is around. I sometimes catch a look of what seems like pain in his eyes, and he also seems avoid running into me. I think we are locked into this behavior there does not seem to be a way of breaking it. We used to be more playful but as time has passed it feels like we are just getting more annoyed with each other. I don't understand what is going on or how to break this cycle, as it isn't really something anyone can adress is there.
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I think my point is I want to be just regular friendly businesslike, but there is this weird vibe hovering over us and I'm not sure how to recalibrate things.
How does one repair these hurt feelings?
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