Becoming infatuated with girls too quickly?

Essentially, I have the problem of becoming infatuated with girls very quickly. Especially when the following factors apply (at least some of them):

1) The girl is somewhat attractive (looks) -- but I don't really have a "type" and she doesn't have to be "stunning"
2) We seem to have some chemistry/flirting/talking
3) We spend a certain amount of time together
4) Often happens when I'm in a "new" setting (e. g. vacation)/don't know the girl for so long

If those factors apply, then chances are pretty high that I'll be crushing on the girl, at least for a while.

Note: I am in a happy (!) relationship, I don't want to cheat on my gf (so I don't act on it), I'm not a virgin. I'm also in my early-mid twenties (ie no completely inexperienced teen).

Still, it happens to me over and over again: Meet a new girl, she's somewhat attractive, we talk a bit, spend time together, BAM infatuation.

I'm not really talking about sexual desire by the way. That happens too ofc, but this is more of a chemical/in your head thing ("I want to get to know this girl/want to be close to her") than just a "I want to get into her pants asap").

Anyone else experience that? Any suggestions what to do about it aside from not hanging out with attractive-ish girls and not acting on it (obvious)?
Becoming infatuated with girls too quickly?
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