Does he like me or not? I NEED to know?

I have a very confusing ex. I need to know if he likes me or not. Here are the main points.

-He didn't thank me once for helping him.
-He avoids me sometimes. Like avoid sitting near me. Sometimes can't look at me in the eyes.
-Does NOT treat me like his other friends. Sometimes he does joke like he does with his friends but its rare.
-He doesn't talk to me as much as he use to.
-Gets quiet around me.

-Three weeks ago, he told me goodnight. He hasn't done that since before we ended it.
-We had to present together. He had a nervous smile the whole time.
-When I presented once, he had his head on his arms and was quietly staring at me.
-I told him he had a cute smile. The next time I saw him, he smiled at me and told me a joke.

We are both 17. Dated for a few months. Ended it for reasons outside our control. Last time we were dating was a year and a half ago. We were friends for two years before that.

Last time I saw him, he just looked at me.
Does like me.
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Does NOT like me.
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+1 y
It is quite important to me.
+1 y
-He always responds to my texts. For the most part.
-Always helps me on anything.
Does he like me or not? I NEED to know?
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