Does she "want" me?, is she flirting with me?, should I go for it?

So , there's this girl I have been working with for like 8 months now, and during the first few months we didn't really like each other. But over the course of a few weeks/months, I would consider her at the very least A very good friend, but I really am in love with her, I think she likes me because she tells me she loves me, all the time. she makes a bunch of physical contact everyday now, she grabs my arm and tells me she wants to beat me up (obviously joking), and she'll hug me, and just keep telling me how much she loves me. she also compliments me a lot about my job and how well I do it, and usually sticks up for me even though I've got it, but tonight was the most of ever suspected something was up like maybe my hopes/prayers had been answered. she did the hugging and telling me how much she loves me thing, then later she blew kisses at me twice, then even later she offered to give me a backrub because I have a bad back, and it was Aggravated bad tonight, it was strange but awesome!, so using the opinions of strangers on the internet, should I go for it. I feel like I should at least ask her out, but I don't know how it would turn out. so all I ask you is just tell me.
Thank You- Steve
Does she "want" me?, is she flirting with me?, should I go for it?
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