Is this going nowhere? Should I give up?

So long story short, I noticed that this guy at my gym looks at me a lot, looks very often, usually is near/around me, his friend/s also look at me often too but only when that guy is there and I talked to him (twice but very short) the first time he gave me good eye contact and he smiled a lot but the second time when I asked for his name "he didn't smile but gave me eye contact"(I guess I can't always expect him to smile). (I haven't done anything since then
But so far that's all he has done, a few people told me to give up on him because he hasn't made a move yet (had this relationship for several months now) since they said if a guy likes you he will do something about it eg like talking.
At the same time I agree and don't since not all guys are the same and I noticed myself that I don't give him signs like smiling at him often and looking at him often
Plus I don't talk to people or smile to people at gym since I'm there to workout and stuff other than my bro since he's my bro (I'm sure he knows that my gym buddy is my bro I said it clearly several times)

What should I do? What you guys think?
Sorry if this question is in the wrong section
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Should I bring a friend "girl" so she can kinda being a wingman hahah and at least I look more approachable?
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any recommendations on what to do?
I'm going to gym tomorrow so any tips would be good :)
Is this going nowhere? Should I give up?
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