Shy Guys: I need your insight?

Shy guys, are these signs a shy guy likes me
- smiles/looks at me a lot
- seems awkward around me sometimes
- offers to help me (ie. drive her home every week)
- ask to hang out, but never follows through (asked to hang out twice, but never specified when.. then i asked him when he's free but he said "i dont know, ill text you")
- moved closer to me when we were sitting together, to the point where our legs were touching when he came to my place for the first time to drop things off..
- and stayed for an hour!! we just talked, but we aren't even that good of friends. and then he hugged me before he left
- made out with me when we were both tipsy (month after we met)
- he gets quiet around me, but when it's just us alone sometimes he's talkative and opens up
Shy Guys: I need your insight?
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