Did I embarrass myself?

I go to the gym several times a week at night. There is a guy who works there and I've had a HUGE crush on him ever since I first noticed him. We have conversations just about every time I see him there and even joke around a little too. I have always thought of asking him for his number or something like that but I'm terribly shy when it comes to guys because I'm afraid of rejection and how that will make me feel so I've always waited for the guy to make the first move. I knew if someone would ever make a move it would have to be me since he's at work and has to be professional. A month or so ago I became friends with a girl who happens to be in one of my college classes and she also works at the gym. She knows this guy that I have a crush on because she works with him. I had already felt that this guy possibly feels the same about me because of how he acts around me and sometimes I catch him looking at me. I decided to ask her about him and if he had a girlfriend. After finding out he didn't have a girlfriend and telling her how I felt, she encouraged me to ask him to workout with me sometime or leave him my number. She also mentioned that I had "definitely caught his eye" and that he asked about me one time. So last night I decided to leave a note under his windshield wiper with my number and a short message just saying I enjoyed talking to him. It was a really scary thing for me to do but I did it and I felt somewhat confident because of what my friend told me. I told my friend that I did it and I was scared he wouldn't text me and she kept telling me she would be shocked if he didn't text me. Well, it's been almost a full day since I left the note and no text. ): Did I embarrass myself? Is he maybe just waiting to text me? Opinions? Anything to make me feel better?
Did I embarrass myself?
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