Whats wrong with me?

Is it because I'm ugly?
I can never get a guy to see me as more than a friend. Like, i will spot a guy that im interrested in. We'll become friends and then when i try to take it further he'll start to push me away.
Im not forcefull or anything. Il just maybe text him more often, or suggest that we hang out together as friends but without other friends. And usually the guy will just start acting like he doesn't even want to be friends anymore.
Is it coz its sort of like im hinting that im into him and he realises im ugly.
Im average height for 18. Skinny, not a lot of curves. I have short curly dark hair and brown eyes. Im like mixed with a few things so im sort of tannish. I hardly ever wear make-up and on an average day I'll just dress casually. Jeans, shirt, sneakers or pumps, a hoodie maybe.
I don't know how ugly I am. I act and pretend to be confident even though i know that the other girls on campus are prettier than me.
Do you think I'm just setting too high standards. Like i m picky I want a guy who's ambitious and witty. He doesn't hàve to be extreamly handsome, just as long as he takes good care of himself.
Everyone says i should just wait for a guy to hit on me first.
I just need someone to love. To lean on a bit so that i dont have go through all the hard stuff alone.
I don't know
Whats wrong with me?
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