Fear of loosing her? What to do?

It's this girl I have mixed feelings for who likes me, but she play hard to get. Her texts are boring and short. She don't want to seem desprite or clingy or anything so she don't text right away unless it's something that will spark her interest. In person she can only hold a conversation if she's around her friend she talks to a lot. Alone she turn to other people to talk to. But though we lack of communication she still flirts with me and try touch me a lot and poke me to death. I told her about how I do all the talking and she come up with these half answers but can string up a paragraph to others face to face. Then I notice how much we have in common... That's a killer.

I don't know what to do in this matter, and how to get her to open up on her own accord. I find it odd we have nothing in common but yet she flirts with me a looot! What do think I should do? Why would a girl who play hard to get like me, if all I did is been there for her and there's tons of alpha out there and I'm introverted beta.
Fear of loosing her? What to do?
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