Does my crush like me?

1. He texts me for the most simplest hw and when he has to go he txts "thx gurl" and he txts really fast ( like in 30-60 seconds ) he even called me for hw once
2. Highfives me and say "hi leslie" when we walks pass each other in the halls or just in general when he sees me
3. When i used to visit his class, he would tease me and we would laugh together (he would touch my wrist)
4. Used to snapchat each other but I don't know what happened.. but he does view my snapchats in my story
5. There were a few times he invited me somewhere but i declined because i wouldve been late to class..
I don't know if he likes me and i dont really see him talking woth girls a lot.. but i did talk to his ex and she said i could date him if i wanted to and she started telling me how when he first met her they txted each other and he called her sunshine... he dosent do that to me :/
+1 y
but wouldn't he ask me out by now if he truly liked me? by the way he broke up with his crush in the summer
Does my crush like me?
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