Do you think it's a good idea to ask him out?

We barely know each other but I briefly messaged him before...

He said to let him know if other concerts are coming up (he couldn't go to the one I asked if he was going to) but was he just being nice? Or does he actually JUST want to go to concerts? (We have similar taste in music)

I talked to his friend and my crush hasn't really mentioned me... his friend also said he's bad with girls... my crush also likes a lot of one of my friend's pictures but he's never liked mine...

I want to ask him out in order to be more blunt but I don't want to ruin my chances by intimidating, pressuring or emasculating him, especially since he's bad with girls.

What should I do?
Ask him out!
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Don't ask him out!
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+1 y
We're both sophomores in college if that makes a difference!
Do you think it's a good idea to ask him out?
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