Did he lose interest or was I too cold?

There is one guy I know from work (he works for other company though, but spends time in our office). I noticed that he is observing me often, but didn´ t approach me. Some time ago he overheard a conversation where i mentioned that i´m involved in a certain project, so he contacted me through email and asked me if we can meet under the excuse to talk about that project (i felt that it is an excuse, because he didn´t wanted to talk about the project itself, only briefly).
When we met, he mentioned that working so hard destroyed his personal life (which was really too private statement taking into account that we don´t know each other). I wasn´t in a best moood when we met (migraine), so I was not completely myself.

In a meantime (before our meeting, I sent him a LI invite, must to show him that I´m interested in him). But after our meeting he never contacted me again, and i feel that he is even avoiding me. Last time when I met him, I said hello, he said also hello and smiled in a shy way (like he is forcing himself to smile).

What happened? Did he lose interest or was I that cold that I undermined him?

He is very attractive and successful, so he should not suffer of selfesteem issues..
Did he lose interest or was I too cold?
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