How do I get out of the friend zone?

What I did was I started to hit on this girl as soon as I met her and I paid attention to the signs, I got good signs invited her to a basketball game and got good signs. I met her in my class so it's not like I could ask her out immediately so I waited a month after getting her number, asking her to hang and talking, I asked her out and she said she got out of a recent breakup and it was a bad breakup. So then after texting her that I understand it took us a week to get back to original texting and about a month later I told her the truth that I understand everything and if she want's anything with me then to let me know. I send her flowers about a month or 2 later because we've been talking we've been to dinner as friends and she texts me omg thank you so much for the flowers. She said jeez haha that is a lot of planning, it feels great to know i have that kind of support in my friends. She said the friends stuff. Was I destined to fail after I tried to find a way to date a girl that had a broken relationship? What do I do to get out of this zone.
How do I get out of the friend zone?
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