Would it be immature to write him a note?

I really like this guy I work with. We are not in the same department, but we do see each other fairly often. Back when I first started my job I worked in his dept. and we got along well. We exchanged numbers about 2 or 3 years after I started, and texted (ok sexted). Anyway I know I came on too strong and then he quit responding. Just recently I got a new phone. It's been quite a while since we texted and I'm still worried he may think I'm kinda slutty. Which I'm not, I just acted out of the ordinary that night. And I told him I was in rare form, which he believed since I'm pretty shy around the opposite gender (especially if I like them).

I'll quit rambling and ask my question. Should I write him a note and just say that I lost his number and ask him to text me? Or would that be immature? Thanks for reading my ramblings. I just REALLY like him!
Would it be immature to write him a note?
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