What does it mean?

So, I joined a gym that a friend of mine does personal training at. I know him through where I work and we've never actually hung out or anything. Recently, I had a break down about my weight and how no matter what I try nothing works! He offered to do personal training for free for me. Ages ago when we first started talking on Facebook we talked about his prices and everything and I had said I couldn't afford it, this was when we first started talking... ANYWAY. I mentioned that I still feel really bad that I can't pay him for anything, and we got onto the subject and he said to me that I was special And that I shouldn't worry about it! And I told him well if I do ever have anything to give, I'll definitely give it. Anyway, he said to me something like "it's up to you, I'm not bothered at all! Even if it means you taking me out to dinner or something when you have the money, whatever you like! but that doesn't mean a McDonald's or anything, proper food!" then told me if I wanted to look at it all as me owing him then whatever kinda thing. Anyway, I ended up saying to him if he comes across anywhere that he wants to try out or anything to let me know as long as it's affordable and then we carried on joking and stuff. And I just don't know whether I'm supposed to take that as him asking me out on a date or anything? How am I supposed to take it xD
What does it mean?
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